Retail Incubator

You have taken the time to create your own business. From designing your logo, building your inventory, creating your website and developing your customer base. These days Etsy, Facebook, Instagram and websites are common ways to sell product. Festivals and Pop-Ups offer fleeting opportunities for face to face contact.

A brick & mortar presence offers the time to engage with your customer.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of affording a long term commitment.  We offer you the flexibility to select days and times that work for you and your customers’ needs all at an affordable price.

Nothing compares to that “in person” connection. As you continue to hone your business, build on your brand and business model. The traditional retail model is changing and the commitment can be overwhelming. We offer an unique alternative, which fills the need to match local vendors to Wake Forest/North Raleigh NC consumers. The tides have turned and today’s consumer wants to shop local, we are happy to introduce the two! 

Testimonials - We couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

 QuitesScential Candles

Local Wake Forest, NC Handmade Candlemaker “Chandler”

“Our QC family loves the home we've found at Westside Gifts!  We have been extremely happy with the rental space.  Plenty of shelving and wall space to be as creative as we want in displaying our candles!  Our long-term dream is to one day have our own brick & mortar location.  Renting space at Westside Gifts gives us the experience and practice without the burden of managing overhead.  During the cooler months, we have a warm, dry, climate control space to sell our products.  Our customers have a local place to find us on a regular basis.  Also, being able to ship our products directly from the store is another huge advantage!  The staff at WSG is awesome!  They help drive business to our pop-in's by engaging each and every customer that comes through the door.” The Jennings Family

 Pet Portrait Artist

“Incredible opportunity.  Overwhelmed by staff and the people that came in to see my work.  Excellent experience. I have already and continue to recommend.” Dick Larsen

 Young Living Essential Oils

 “The Pop Up Shop at Westside Gifts provided the perfect opportunity to meet new people in
the community and increase the awareness and education of our product." Lauren H.

Online Shopper

"Great little gift shop all the trinkets and unique gifts and souvenirs" John J.