Love a Puppie, Save a Puppy

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Dogs are truly man's best friends.  No other animal shows as much loyalty and unconditional love as dogs.  There is something truly magical about coming home from a bad day to Rupert or Maggie or Diesel and seeing the joy in those sweet puppy eyes; feeling the love and excitement in that wagging tail (or stub) against your leg; snuggling the soft fur behind the ears and under the chin; and getting the sweet puppy breath kisses.  Dogs heal our hearts and nurture our souls.

Unfortunately, not every dog has a human to love.  According to the ASPCA 3.3 million dogs nationwide enter animal shelters annually.  Approximately 22% of those are strays that are eventually reunited with their owners, but the remaining dogs are waiting... waiting for a family to love them as unconditionally as the dog will surely love that family.

Puppie Love Brand Tee Shirts is an organization that is devoted to being a driving force behind raising awareness for these puppies in waiting.  They strive to increase adoptions by donating 10% of their profits to rescue centers and adoption agencies.

GiftsOnSite is proud to be teaming up with Puppie Love Brand Tee Shirts and offering these quality tees in store and online.  For every purchase of a Puppie Love Tee shirt GiftsOnSite will be giving $5 to Saving Grace Animal Shelter in Raleigh, NC.  This means, your purchase is not only going to a good cause, but a good LOCAL cause.

Shop now for your Puppie Love Brand Tee Shirt and help change the world for one animal at a time.

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